KTP Aims

The aim of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is to:
Strengthen the competitiveness, wealth creation and economic performance of the UK by the enhancement of knowledge and skills and the stimulation of innovation through collaborative projects between business (including social enterprises) and the knowledge base;

with the objectives of:

  • Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and the spread of technical and business skills, through innovation projects undertaken by high calibre, recently qualified, people under the joint supervision of personnel from business and the knowledge base
  • Providing company-based training for graduates in order to enhance their business and specialist skills within the context of the project
  • Stimulating and enhancing business relevant education and research undertaken by the knowledge base
  • Increasing the extent of interactions by businesses with the knowledge base and their awareness of the contribution the knowledge base can make to business development and growth

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships will strive to:

  • Provide a managed risk environment within which a business can undertake strategic change
  • Provide a challenging project to the KTP Associate and provide the necessary support and skills to develop potential business leaders of tomorrow
  • Facilitate co-operation with the aim of achieving successful outcomes for all participants within the partnership
  • Encourage an ongoing relationship beyond project completion between a company and their knowledge base partner to gain maximum benefit for all

Taken from www.ktponline.org.uk/ktp-aims