Roles and Responsibilities

The Graduate School has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Development of policy and strategy with respect to postgraduate affairs related to the NRP (e.g. responding to outside consultations on postgraduate matters, the development and promotion of innovation in postgraduate education).
  • The allocation and administration of NRP research studentships.
  • Establishing and maintaining networks concerned with postgraduate education both within and outwith the NRP.
  • Provision of management information and statistics related to the management of postgraduate students.
  • Provide a virtual resource and information centre on funding sources, career opportunities.
  • Working closely with NRP institutional representatives to continuously enhance the provision of high quality postgraduate education.
  • Collaboratively develop joint provision of new training materials, joint training provision.
  • Provide information, advice and evidence of best practice related to the development and delivery of appropriate and innovative training; guidance in relation to personal development and careers guidance.
  • Liaison with the relevant bodies (eg student representatives, funders, professional bodies) on issues of mutual concern to ensure best practice throughout the Partnership group.