NRP JRI Initiative Fund

The NRP Governing Body (GB) has allocated £45k to this fund this year (2011/12) to cover bids emerging from all five JRIs/Group. Bids are encouraged from JRIs which promote joint activities across the NRP and other research pools and focus on a specified outcome (e.g. cross-JRI sandpit-like event to identify collaborative projects).

Value of Bids

The amount of any application is deliberately not stipulated. Each application will be considered on its own merit.

Criteria and Eligibility

The criteria for this fund are not prescriptive. JRI Directors/Deputes are encouraged to discuss with colleagues and submit applications for any initiative which they expect will enhance the outputs of the JRIs/NRP and strengthen collaborative links.

In the past, the GB has suggested the following criteria which may act as a guide:

  • Event organisation (excluding admin support costs);
  • Marketing and promotion (e.g. roller banners, promotional literature, poster, etc.); and
  • Support for attendance at national and international meetings (where JRI members are presenting a paper representing the JRI at a recognised event).

The intention is that any member of staff with an idea to progress the work of a JRI or NRP should be able to suggest an application to a JRI Depute or Director. The application however does need to be recommended and authorised by the JRI Director before the Governing Board will consider it.

Closing Dates

This is currently an open call. Applications will be considered by the GB at each of its quarterly meetings in April, June, September and December. In exceptional circumstances when a quicker turnaround time is required, the GB may consider bids by correspondence.

Submission of Applications

The completed and authorised application form should be sent from the relevant JRI Director to Please check the exact date of the next GB meeting before preparing your submission.


Any queries should initially be addressed to Ilona Mair, Clerk to NRP Governing Body at email or telephone 01382 388581.

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