About the Partnership

The University of Aberdeen, the University of Dundee and the Robert Gordon University have joined together to establish a research partnership in engineering and related disciplines, known as the Northern Research Partnership.

The purpose of this partnership is to pool research strength in areas common to partner universities, and to exploit areas of complementarity. It is the first time that the institutions have agreed to go beyond collaboration on an ad-hoc basis towards a convergence of research priorities in the area of engineering research. This will enhance research performance of the participating groups in all partner universities by creating critical mass, and increase significantly the competitiveness of research groups in the region. The proposal mirrors the establishment of similar regional partnerships in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Research activity is taken forward through four JRIs and one overarching joint research group:

The partner universities have also set up a common Graduate School to support and enhance research student activities.

The partner universities have selected members for the JRIs with a view to international excellence, applying stringent criteria relating to research grants and contracts income and RAE submissible publications. The partnership represents a cluster of research groups in the engineering area, comprising 135 researchers, 160 research assistants and 286 PhD students.

University of Aberdeen
University of Dundee
The Robert Gordon University